Building my Z Palette: Episode 2


So I decided it was time to update my Z Palette again, and as promised I’m bringing you guys along for the ride. 

The three new colours I chose are Cherry Cola and Sin City by Makeup Geek and Malibu by Colored Raine. I ordered all three from Beauty Bay and they arrived pretty damn quickly.

I chose Cherry Cola because I hoped it would pair well with Bitten but add more depth to a look. I chose Sin City because I’m really in to mustard yellow to gold tones recently, and Malibu was just too gorgeous to pass up. With this one I was looking for a contrast colour.


So the first two swatches are Cupcake and Bitten from Makeup Geek. Then we have Cherry Cola, Sin City and Malibu.

My initial thoughts when swatching was that Sin City wasn’t giving me the colour pay off I wanted. It is definitely more of a gold than a yellow. Still pretty but not really what I was after.

Malibu however, blew me away!

So to test out these shadows I created the look below. I wanted to create and blue to yellow fade thinking that Malibu and Sin City would be a good contrast with each other.


So I initially I went in to the crease with Cuppa Tea from the Soph X MakeupRevolution palette. I blew this out up towards the brow bone. I then went in with Cupcake which I blended towards the crease where I concentrated Bitten.

I then used Penguin from the Soph X palette to block out the lid. I then used Malibu over the lid from the inner corner to the middle. I then attempted to fade in Sin City. The colour wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do though.

The only colour I had in my collection that could achieve what I was after was New Wave from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. I dabbed this on the outer portion of the lid oh so carefully with a detail brush.

I then use an angled detail brush to go in on the outer corner with Cherry Cola. I didn’t feel like I got much pay off from this colour on the lid either. I think when used with Bitten the colours might just be too similar.

I took my crease brush on outside of the lower lashline, then used Malibu on the inner portion. In the middle I went in with Sin City.

I used a the Sleek Solstice palette for my inner corner highlight.

I lined my lids and added some mascara and bobs your uncle!

In conclusion I completely loved Malibu. I am definitely looking to try some more Colored Raine shadows. I love the matte shades from MUG but I am yet to be wowed by their shimmers. Though, I’m open to trying another one.

Lets see where my Z Palette journey takes me next ey? Ciao!

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