Monthly Slimming World Favourites: January 2018


I’m going to start regrouping via the blog at the end of every month to look back on what got me through the month, and maybe where I need to improve. So here is a little count down of what helped me survive the dreaded January!


1. Aero Bubble Chocolate Mousse


At 4.5 syns these are my go to after dinner snack. The pots are quite big so they feel like a proper dessert. These have been a favourite for a while but I can’t say the didn’t help in January.

2. Muller Light Fruitopolis 


This month I discovered these babies! At 1/2 a syn they’re a perfect snack during the working day. The strawberry ones are my particular favourite. They’re also good at the end of the day when you only have a few syns left and you’re dying for a snack.

3.  Cadbury’s Curlywurly

Curly Wurly

This is an old SW classic go-to. Who can turn down a 6 syn chocolate fix? Not me. I’ve been having them in work instead of hifi bars recently, just for a change.

4. KFC Original Ricebox


Now don’t look at me like that. We all need a drive thru treat from time to time. If you dont want to blow half a weeks worth of syns in one meal the original chicken rice box from KFC is 10.5 syns and the zinger version is 11 syns. All within a daily allowance. You can thank me later.

5. Pancakes


At the weekends I like to spice life up a little bit with interesting breakfasts. Pea guac on toast is one and a more recent treat is pancakes! 40g porridge oats (HexB), 3 tbs fat free natural yogurt, 2 eggs, sweetener and some vanilla essence. I either have them with bacon and maple syrup (2 syns per tbs) or I have blueberry pancakes with fruit and fat free natural yogurt (2 syns for 100g of cooked blueberries). Delish!

So January has been a bit of a hit or miss month for me. I wanted to progress in my weight loss a lot more than I actually did. That being said I didn’t gain this month, I’ve only either lost or maintained. Overall this month I’ve managed to shift 4lb of my Christmas weight and I’ve set myself the goal of getting another 4 off before Valentines.

What have you been loving this month? And what should I try out in February!?


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