Palette Roulette: Soph X MakeupRevolution palette

Howdy gang! Today I wanted to do something a bit fun! So I decided to put the Soph X MakeupRevolution palette to the test once again and play a little game of palette roulette!

Now first things first, I didn’t invent palette roulette. Some lovely person on youtube did but I currently cant remember who. If you know shout them out and I’ll give them credit where its due.

So, to play the game you add the number of shadows in the palette into a random number generator and then, randomly generate a number. Go figure. Keep going until you have enough shades to create a whole look and then challenge yourself to use those shades to create a unqiue, random, eyeshadow look. Simple!

I decided to create three looks using five randomly selected shades from my trusty Soph X palette.

Look 1:


The numbers I was give were: 8, 14, 4, 3 and 1. Which are: Sparks Fly (a gold shimmer), Pumpkin (orangey/red/pink matte), Pink Champagne (light pink shimmer), Fairy Lights (white/gold shimmer) and Penguin (white matte).

So first for this look I took Pumpkin on a fluffy crease brush and blended it in to my crease blowing it outwards towards my brow as I went. It felt really unnatural to go in with a bold crease colour straight away but it was one of the only matte shades I had to work with.

After building up that colour I took Pink Champagne on a wet flat brush and packed it all over my lid. This shade is harder to build, but I think thats just because of how light it is.

I really wanted a colour to add a bit of dimension to this look like a dark brown or black but I had nothing like that. So, to attempt to add some dimension I used Sparks Fly on the outer corner of my lid, creating a short of ombre, I guess.

All the while I kept going back in to build up that Pumpkin colour, especially concentrating in the actual crease line.

Under the lid I brought some of that Pumpkin shade down and blew it out around the outer corner. I then lined the inner portion of my lower lid with Penguin, fading in to Sparks Fly in the outer corner.

I used Fairy Lights as my inner corner highlight. I then added liquid eyeliner and mascara.

Look 2:


The numbers I got were: 12, 11, 5, 14 and 19. Which are: Peaches (peachy matte), Tiramisu (warm light brown matte), Iced Coffee (nude matte), Pumpkin and Strawberry Sweets (a muted fuchsia pink matte).

Am I the only one that doesn’t get along with all-matte eyeshadow looks? The feel so flat! Needless to say I wasn’t all that excited about this one (and yes I did cheat and use a highlighter for my inner corner, sssh).

So Iced Coffee is actually my go-to transition shade so right away I slapped that baby on with a fluffy brush. I then blew out Peaches and Tiramisu in my crease.

I packed Strawberry Sweets all over my lid with a flat brush and then went back in with Tiramisu to attempt to build some depth in the outer corner (it didn’t work).

I then used Pumpkin on my lower lash line and blended it out with those crease colours. And then, I chucked on some liquid eyeliner to make myself feel better.

Look 3:


I drew: 18, 6, 3, 13 and 10. These were: Danger (like a brick red/brown matte), Cuppa Tea (yellow-y brown matte), Fairy Lights, Cloudberry (a peachy orange with sparkles) and Mixed Berries (purple shimmer).

So first I built up Cuppa Tea in the crease with a fluffy brush. I loved the way this translated as a kind of mustard yellow-ish colour. I blew this colour out up to my brow and then used Cloudberry in the line of the crease. I then used Danger on the outer corner.

To get the most out of Mixed Berries, I cut the crease with some concealer before applying the shade with a wet brush, packing it on to the lid. I then went in with Danger again to darken that outer corner.

I went under the eye with Cloud Berry and Danger. I liked the inner portion of my lash line with Mixed Berries.

Once again, I used Fairy Lights as my inner corner highlight. I decided not to use liquid eyeliner for this look but I think you could easily add it in.

So, what did you think! I’m pretty impressed with what I came up with for each look. 1 and 3 are my definite favourites and I was less keen on number 2.

My problem in most of the looks was having a shade to add depth and dimension, and the game reminded me that I’m not a huge lover of all matte looks.

What did you think of the looks? What would you of done differently? Let me know in the comments!


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