Slimming World update: Riding the wave


Hey gang, time for a cheeky SW update. It’s been a while since I let you know whats happening. 

So, in October I hit my club 10! Aaaand its been a bit wobbly since then. I’ve had a busy few months: my mums 50th birthday seemed to last two months, I had friends birthdays, Halloween, my birthday then the lead up to Christmas etc.

See, this is where I think people tend to give up. If you have weeks and weeks of things not going quite right you think “ah sod it” or “I’ll just start again in January”, but the thing I learned from having a few wobbly months is that you’ve just got to ride the wave!

We’ve all seen that graphic in group, the map of the UK with the two routes. Ones a direct route and ones the scenic route. We’re just having a little detour.

The important thing to remember about SW or WW is that its not a quick fix, its not a fad diet.  Its a lifestyle change. Its forever. So, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter if you have a little wobble (or a three month long one).

If you keep going to group every week it gives you a healthy dose of realism once a week. Even if your brain isn’t in it at the moment and you just can’t get back on plan, keep going. I guarantee staying to group even when you seem to be gaining or maintaining will mean you gain less than you would if you lived in blissful ignorance.

Overall, despite my heart not really being in it for a few months I’ve managed to minimise my overall gain to about 6lb, that includes my Christmas weight and a weekend in Berlin. I would bet everything I own that if I had stopped going to group that would of been so much higher.

And though group can sometimes feel a bit like Cake Lovers Anonymous its so worth it to just touch base with your consultant (and the scales) once a week.

You can’t force yourself to be on plan, because you’ll end up spiraling out. But if you get to group every week, tell yourself you’re still on your weight loss journey I promise you’ll get back to that place of feeling amazing about being on plan and really enjoying it.

My club 10 weight was 15st 1lb and after Christmas I weighed 15st 7. This week I managed lose 3lb so I’m now well on my way to being back at my club 10 and back under that stone and half mark!

I’m feeling super positive about being on plan now that I’ve ridden that wave and gotten the party season out of my system. I’ve told myself by this time next year I want to be around 13st 3lb (which will give me my 3 and a half stone award) and I know thats more than achievable!

What are your SW goals for 2018?

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