Review: Primark 60p Single Eyeshadows


Inspired by a few videos floating around on youtube I was dying to dry out the 60p single shadows from Primark. After hunting high and low for them I finally got my hands on some. Find out what I thought:

A word of warning, I think you might have to go to bigger stores to get these shadows. I didn’t find any in Chester or in Broughton Primarks when I looked and I had to send my mum to the Liverpool one to get my paws on them.

The shade range was limited, and if you know Primark you know they won’t have been neatly displayed like makeup in a drug store or department store. I can’t confirm this as a fact though, you’ll have to ask my mum.

Finally via the wonders of modern technology I was remotely able to pick 9 shades plus the little magnetic palette to store them in.

I was disappointed not to be able to have the black shadow, only because I love to judge a makeup brand by the quality of their black shadows. Such is life.

I was able to get a range of brown shades, dark shades, a couple of bronze-y shades and a few quite interesting colours.

Here are some swatches that I have kindly labelled for you:


Immediately the stand out colours for me were Cranberry, Seafoam, Pistachio, Antique Bronze and Sunkissed. Especially Pistachio.

From the swatches the colours I wasn’t all that impressed with were mainly Hot Coco and Stone. Hot Coco I think will be usable but with the right look and I don’t tend to go for brown-y looks. As for Stone, one it doesn’t show up on my pasty-ass skin and two I know I always struggle to use these light/beige kinds of colours.

I wasn’t able to find a good crease colour, which means this little makeshift palette wouldn’t be considered a one-stop solution but I think I have a good range here to make a few looks.

One thing that may bother some people is that most of the singles seemed to be shimmers. Out of the 9 I have 6 are shimmers and 3 are mattes. Not all shimmers are made equal and I would probably be more tempted to call some of them satins rather than shimmers. Cranberry, Hot Coco and Antique Bronze appear to be less glittery than Stone, Sunkissed and Gold Digger.

Wanting to put these babies to the test I created a little look using Antique Bronze, Cranberry and Espresso in the crease with Sunkissed and Gold Digger on the lid. On the lower lashline I used Seafoam:



(I used the Soph X makeup revolution palette for my initial crease colour and the Sleek Solstice palette for the inner corner highlight, let me know if you want a full tutorial).

A few youtubers complained about the fall out from these shadows and though the shadows are very very soft and can cause a bit of kick up in the pan I didn’t find that there was all that much fallout on my face. I was impressed with the pigmentation of these shadows, especially considering the price. I only needed to lightly dip in to the shadow to get a good colour pay off. The shadows were buildable, blendable and easy to work with.

I honestly can’t complain about these shadows, they exceeded my expectations and for the price you absolutely can’t go wrong. Limited colour selection and the expected stress levels upon entering a Primark are really the only down sides here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a look using Pistachio and let me know if you give these shadows a try! They’re 60p so why the hell not?!

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