Building my Z Palette: Episode 1



Long time no see! Sorry I’ve been MIA gang, I have a valid excuse! It’s been my birthday! The big 24. And to get back in to blogging I want to introduce a new series. 

I have always wanted to build my own Z Palette up so I thought I’d bring you guys along on the journey. Every time I update the palette I’ll do a post including a look from the colours in the palette.

To kick things off I ordered two single shadows from Makeup Geek. I have Cupcake and Bitten.


It was summer when I bought these shades so I was in the mood for something pink and warm, though I think these shades translate well to winter too.

So for this look I combined these two shades with two other eyeshadow palettes, the Soph X Makeup Revolution palette and the NYX Cosmic Metals palette.

First off I took a fluffy brush and went in with Iced Coffee from the Soph X palette. This shade is my absolute perfect transition shade.


Then I took Cupcake on the same brush in to the crease, building it up to a nice smooth colour and blowing it out towards the brow. Then I took Bitten and blended that in to the crease and outer corner, making sure to keep this shade closer to the crease. Build that up until you have a colour you’re happy with and don’t be afraid to go in with more colour.

After that I wanted to deepen that outer corner and the outer portion of the crease so I went in with Danger from the Soph X palette.

spohhhhh copy.jpg

I then used Nightmare from the Soph X palette as my black shade in the outer corner, blended slightly into the crease.

spohhhhh copy 2

Then I cut my crease using tarte Shape Tape. I then took a flat brush and applied the pinky shade from the NYX Cosmic Metals palette all over the lid.


I blended this in towards the outer corner by going back in with Bitten from my Z Palette and Nightmare from the Soph X Palette. After cleaning up the edge a little with some concealer and adding some liquid eyeliner, I went in with Cupcake, Bitten and Nightmare on the lower lashline. Leaving space towards the inner corner where I added the NYX shade again.

After lining my water line and tight line I went in with my trusty Sleek Solstice highlight in the inner corners. Add mascara and lashes at will.


The final look:



I’m excited to build my Z Palette, I want it to be a mix of single shades from different brands. I would love to get some of the Juvia’s place shadows and some more MUG ones too. I also fancy some of the Colored Raine shadows.

What do you think of this look? What would you do with Cupcake and Bitten if it was up to you? Let me know!

bee final1

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