Devil woman! Glam Halloween eye makeup tutorial


I don’t have any formal Halloween plans this year, but I am going out for a friends birthday. Not wanting to miss out I’ve decided to pay a little homage to Halloween with a cute little pair of sparkly devil horns from H&M, so of course I need an eye look to go with them!

Since I’ve recently dyed my hair red I wanted to be an all red devil, but I felt a smokey eye with just a hint of red would suit more. I wanted to make sure I got that little bit of black in.

I also wanted to keep this look relatively budget friendly, though I have allowed myself at least one indulgence.

So, to start off with I primed my eyelids using concealer, literally any concealer will do for this. I don’t think you need an eyeshadow primer but to each their own.

Then I used Pumpkin from the Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette, really lightly with a fluffy brush in the crease. I wanted a burnt orange base for this but not anything too bold.


Then I swapped over to the NYX Ultimate Brights palette, using the first red shade, also on a fluffy brush in the crease. Going in lightly and building up the colour.

425-3004455-K214490_M copy

Once satisfied with the red I went in with the purple shade directly underneath the red. Again, gently and with a fluffy brush, concentrating more in the crease, closer to the lid to create depth.

425-3004455-K214490_M copy 5

Then I went back in to the Soph X palette and used Nightmare to darken up the outer corner and crease, slowly building up to a bolder black.

5155 (1)

Then I went back in with my concealer to cut the crease, blending it in with my finger the closer I got to the black outer edge. After adding the concealer I used the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Molten Midnight all over the lid, blending it in to the black shadow using a touch of the black shadow to blend.

I then went in with all the colours to give them a boost and reinforce the colours. Afterwards I used a sponge with a flat edge to tidy up the edges and create a wing. I then lined my lids with liquid liner.

On the lower lash line I went in with the red, purple and black again to reinforce those colours. I lined my lower lash with liquid liner and uses my Sleek Solstice palette to highlight my inner corners.

I added mascara and lashes to finish the look.


Paired with a red lip I thought this was a great glam Halloween option, thats affordable and easy. If you don’t have any of the Stila eyeshadows you can use any eye glitter. A glam, budget friendly Halloween look!

Let me know what you’re going as for Halloween in the comments below!

bee final1


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