Slimming World Godsends: my slimhacks!


Hey gang! I wanted to clue you in on some of my ride or die foods, products or lifehacks that get me through the week on Slimming World. And I wanted to quickly update you on my own journey.

So I’ve been doing SW for almost 13 weeks now and I’m so proud to say I’ve lost 1st 7.5lb so far.  I honestly already feel like a new person (with less chins!) and I’ve still got just over 6st to go to target but I’m already feeling so much better in myself.

We can’t always be perfect dieters, I know I cant sustain myself on a diet of chicken, rice, fruit and veggies so here are my cheats if you will. With these things I’m still on plan but I’m full, I’m fulfilled and I dont feel like I’m missing out.

#1 Freeze EVERYTHING. 

No joke, I freeze just about everything from bread to wraps to onion bhajis. I’ve even started buying bags of frozen veggies, which I always thought was super lazy.

But the truth is trying to convince yourself to eat the good stuff is hard when all the delicious Syns are so easy to get your paws on. So keeping a bag of frozen chopped peppers that I can easily throw in to most meals is a godsend.

Freezing bread means that it’ll keep for longer. You will find yourself eating less bread on SW because you start to find other free lunch time options. But sometimes its still nice to have some for breakfast or for a burger. Because you’re just not using your bread, freezing it means it wont go off whilst its waiting for you to come back for it.

#2 Batch cook

This might be more achievable for me because I don’t have any kids to feed but whenever I cook myself a SW friendly meal I’ll make way more than I need. I then portion it off and, you guessed it, freeze it.

For the nights when you have no inspiration or its hard to decide you can just take a cheeky chilli-con-carne or cottage pie out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave.

Freezer is love, freezer is life.

#3 Low syn snacks

Right now I’m going to hit you with my favourite low syn snacks. Now I’m not talking oats or that kind of crap I mean chocolate/crisps/biscuits. The good stuff.

Okay and #notspons but Hi-Fi Lite bars are your best friend. 3 syns each, you can even have 2 for free if you have them as a HexB. Making the switch to eating Hi-Fi bars instead of standard chocolate bars has helped me massively. I don’t feel like I crave chocolate because I’m getting my fix here!

My go-to after tea treat has to be Aero Bubble Mousse yogurts for 4.5 syns. These things are huge, and yummy. You feel like you’re having a real treat when you eat them!

One or two of most biscuits aren’t going to ruin your day on SW but I am a particular fan of a Viscount for 3.5 syns or a Party Ring for one syn! You could easily have 5 Party Ring in one sitting and still have enough syns to cope for the rest of the day.

Crisps? Well, I’m not a huge lover of crisps. I can take or leave them but you can’t really go wrong with a packet of Quavers or Skips for 4.5 syns a packet, or Kettle Bites which are usually around the 5 syns mark.

#4 Teetotal 

I know this wont work for everyone but I owe a lot to the fact that I’m teetotal. I don’t drink alcohol so I’m never worried about saving my syns for a weekend boozer.

Because I don’t drink I’m able to use all of my syns on food glorious food! That, or Starbucks.

I guess you just have to prioritise and for me food always comes first.

#5 Syn it!

This one is more of an attitude hack. If you eat a bad thing, syn it. Know exactly how many syns you’ve had even if its a lot.

Ignorance is not bliss on SW. Own up to your syns, be proud of them, enjoy them, but for gods sake make a note of them. You’re less likely to spiral if you know where you’re up to for the week.

If you have any Slimming World hacks of your own let me know! I would love to hear them.

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9 thoughts on “Slimming World Godsends: my slimhacks!

  1. My ultimate SW hack – especially if you have a sweet tooth like me – is meringues. 2.5syns each and full of sweety good stuff. 100% excellent with your favourite muller light and a few strawbs for good measure. If you want to indulge, can always add a mini pack of jelly tots (grab these from any £shop) for an extra 2.5syns. Super perfect for a night in front of the tele – where I spend most of my nights.

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