Three looks with the Soph X Makeup Revolution palette


Howdy gang,  after reviewing the Sophdoesnails Makeup Revolution palette and having a play around with it the past couple of weeks I decided I wanted to show you lovely folk three very different looks that you can get with just this palette. Guest starring Soph’s highlighter palette. 

One of the main selling points for me with this palette was how versatile it looked. It combined warms and browns with some really stunning shimmers. It looked to me like an easy one-stop-shop kind of palette. And it certainly is.

Since it arrived I’ve managed to create so many different looks with the palette I just had to share some of my favourites with you!

So for all of these looks I primed my eyelids beforehand with some concealer, I use the collection one (super cheap and cheerful). For all looks I also used the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara.

#1 The pink cut crease


I’m not a pink girl, but I wanted to use the pinks in this palette to create a warm-toned Soph-inspired look. When assessing my options it was obvious to me that this needed to be a cut crease.

So first after prepping my eyes, I went in with Iced Coffee on a fluffy brush. Iced Coffee is like my perfect transition/crease colour so I use it throughout the looks today. I used this shade literally just in the crease to deepen it and for it to work as base.

Then with that same brush I dipped in to Strawberry Sweets, also in my crease. I blew this shade out a little more taking it further than my crease to just under the brow bone and out to the side.

After going back and forth with Strawberry Sweets and then wiping off my brush I applied Pancakes lightly to the edges in circular motions to get that sweet fade. Pancakes is such a good blending shade for paler skin tones.

Then I took my Tarte Shapetape Concealer and applied it to the inner portion of the lid up to just before my crease line blending it with my fingers towards the outer lid to cut the crease.

On a flat brush sprayed with a little setting spray I applied Pink Champagne on the inner and middle parts of my lid.

Then with my fluffy brush I went in with Danger on the outer corner blended in to the crease to deepen up the look on the outside.

After cleaning up my under eye with concealer and a sponge with a straight edge I went under the eye with Iced Coffee followed by Strawberry Sweets all over then with Danger in the outer corner and Pink Champagne on the inner portion of the lower lid.

To highlight my brow bone, inner corner and the high points of my cheeks I used the pink-y highlighter from Soph’s other palette.

I lined my lid with the Soap and Glory Supercat liner and lined my water line and tight line with a NYX pomade eyeliner (no I don’t remember its name sue me).

This look is simple but looks expensive and super glam on the eyes. The colour pay off is killer.

#2 The bronze to green ombre


I wanted to take us away from berry-warms for this look and make something really autumnal. I also wanted to make use of that stunning green shade.

This look looks super simple but actually uses the most shades of all three looks. Still super easy and achievable though!

So, firstly, you guessed it, I went in with Iced Coffee in the crease. Followed by Peaches and Cloudberry creating a pastel orangey feel in the crease.

Then I took Penguin on a fluffy brush all over the lid in preparation for the shimmer shades.

On a wet flat brush I then used Growing Old on the very middle part of my lid. I absolutely love this colour, I think it might be my favourite out of the whole palette.

Then on the same brush, but not re-wetted, I took Sparks Fly to face that bronze towards the inner corner, not taking it too far mind. This is only a transition shade.

Then I went in with Fairy Lights on the inner portion of the lid blending it towards the bronze. To create more of that fade I went back in with Sparks Fly to create a smooth transition.

Following Fairy Lights I decided that the crease needed deepening slightly so I took Tiramisu lightly into the crease.

I then used Pine Tree on the outer corner of the lid, packing it on and blending it towards the bronze in the middle. To create a smooth transition I used Smokey Bronze to blend Pine Tree with Growing Old.

That created a beautiful ombre vibe. Just to deepen the corners even more I went in with Mug Cake on the very outer corner blending in to the crease. I then blended the edges with Pancakes again.

The ombre didn’t translate too well in my crappy iPhone photos so here is an added extra to show you what I mean:


After cleanup I took Iced Coffee along the lower lash line as well as a little bit of Peaches and Cloud Berry. I used a teeny bit of Mug Cake on the outer corner too.

To emulate the lid I then used Pine Tree on the outer portion, Growing Old on the middle and Fair Lights on the inner portion of the lower lash line.

I used the light almost-white shade from Soph’s highlighter palette as well as the two deepest shades. The pressed highlight on the brow bone and the baked one on my cheeks.

#3 The spooky purple halo eye


This is probably the most daring of the three looks. Perfect for the build up to Halloween and maybe as a sexy smoky going out look? I don’t know, work with me here.

So, like before I took Iced Coffee in my crease along with a cheeky bit of Pug for a cooler-toned crease.

Then I used Mixed Berries in a way I had no business using a shimmer shade. I took it on a fluffy brush and blended it out on the outer and inner corners of the lid to create a stencil for my halo look.

On a wet, flat brush I took Petrol, packing it on. Then with the same brush (re-wetted) I went back in with Mixed Berries to pack on that shimmer where I had blended it out previously.

To darken up the outer corner I went in with a smidge of Nightmare and lightly blended that towards the crease.

This look definitely left me with the most fall out (see my sinful application of Mixed Berries), so after cleanup I went under the eye with Pug, then Mixed Berries and a teeny weeny bit of Nightmare.

On the inner corner, brow bone and cheeks I used the lavender colour from Soph’s highlighter palette.

This is the only look I didn’t use Pancakes to blend out, I just found that it didn’t mix well with Nightmare. Not a big deal I don’t think this particular look needed it.

So there you go! Three looks I created with a palette that is slowly becoming one of my go to’s. Such a good affordable palette option.

Which look is your favourite? Mine is number 2! 

bee final1

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