Review: Sophdoesnails Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow and Highlighter palettes


I’ve been a long time watcher of sophdoesnails over on YouTube so I knew when she announced her collaboration with Makeup Revolution I needed to try these palettes out.

I ordered them on the day they came out from Tam Beauty, I think it was a Wednesday. I received them the following Monday which is a pretty quick turnaround. I think I might have received them earlier but I had them delivered to work.

Firstly the packaging on both is really impressive. Considering these are drugstore palettes they feel really sturdy. Quite substantial. The packaging for the palette that Soph designed herself is adorable. The only thing that bugs me about the packaging is the colour of the highlighter palette. The fact that it isn’t the same colour as the eyeshadow palette is a little annoying. It makes it seem like the highlighter palette was a last minute edition. Not as carefully curated as the eyeshadow.

That aside, I do really enjoy these palettes. It was a bit of an adjustment from using my Juvia’s Place palette but its important to judge these palettes as drugstore makeup.

The eyeshadow palette


The eyeshadow palette comes with 24 shades, 10 shimmers, 13 mattes and one matte/glitter shade.

I instantly loved the variety of colours in this palette, unlike Soph I’m not typically a warm/cranberry tones kind of girl. I love out there colours and I think this palette offers the best of both worlds. There are plenty of neutrals for every day looks, warm tones and a few funky colours. A very versatile palette.

As usual the shimmer/metallic shades are fab, you get a decent pay off (for drugstore) without setting spray but its show stopping with a cheeky bit of spray. My favourites are the bronze and purple shades. I don’t think I’ll get much use out of Petrol but its a nice shadow with decent payoff.

The mattes for me are a little hit and miss. The neutrals in the top right hand corner don’t, for me, work well together. I feel like when on the eye they don’t look all that different from each other. If you’re going for a neutral look I’d use one of them and one of the darker browns or you’re not going to get much definition.

That being said the darker cranberry and pinky shades are lovely and really buildable and the dark mattes are lovely to work with for adding shadows and definition.

Overall I’m glad I purchased this palette I think it will be a great addition to my collection. As I said I don’t tend to drift towards warm/redish shades so having a cheaper alternative to some more expensive palettes is hand incase I’m ever inspired to do a warm look. I love the greens, purples and oranges in this palette and I think it will be a create palette for the Autumn/Winter seasons.

I’ve done some swatches for you so you can make your own mind up, the first is the top two rows and the second the bottom two.



The highlighter palette


The highlighter palette has received criticism for the darker shades, I agree that they’re probably not going to work for deeper skin tones, though I know thats what Soph wanted. I just think you’re probably not going to achieve that with cheaper highlighters.

I have read that some people feel that these shades are therefore redundant in the palette as paler girls wont use them. This is far from the truth, as a pale girl with warm undertones I love a darker highlighter. I am a bit of a blusher fiend so I prefer a highlight that blends with my blusher over a bright white or pale highlight.

I enjoy that this palette gives you options, though I probably wont really use the pink and lilac highlights. I might use the palest one in the dead of winter but for now the second on the top row and the third one on the bottom are my faves. I like that she included baked and pressed options for those who prefer a subtler highlight.

My one criticism is that these highlights are quite glittery and I tend to prefer a more metallic/wet look highlight.

Again I’ve included swatches:


Some of the shades remind me of the Sleek Solstice palette, especially the first quad and the deeper shades remind me slightly of the New Look glow highlighter. Both of which I love.

I think both Soph and Makeup Revolution did a fantastic job with these palettes. Are they perfect? No. But are they enjoyable? Versatile? Buildable? Yes.

In total these palettes areย ยฃ18 and well worth it. If you get the change pick these beauties up.

Did you order the Sophdoesnails palettes? What did you think? Let me know!

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