Slimming World update: dealing with your first gain


I wanted to quickly update you guys on my progress with my weight loss journey. I’ve been really enjoying trying new food and losing weight with Slimming World, but what happens when you get too over confident?ย 

With Slimming World, Weight Watchers or any other diet plan, lifestyle change or hell even hobby you will have a moment when it all gets too much. You either get too confident and the rules you have set for yourself are bent or you find yourself meandering off course. This is normal. You are human.

Nobody is perfect, everyone who has ever tried to make a lifestyle change or challenge themselves have had a moment where they fail.

Now, let me interject. I don’t think putting on weight it failing, I just mean not sticking to your plans.

I’ve now been doing Slimming World for about 3ish months and I recently experienced my first gain and my first lapse in momentum. This is normal, and the most important way to tackle a set back in any capacity is to not beat yourself up about it.

The moment you get disheartened when you have a “bad” week is the moment you fall off the ladder. Thats the moment you give up.

The important thing to remember when you are on a journey such as Slimming World is that life happens and you have to live it.

By embracing the days when you physically can’t avoid over-synning and not dwelling on them you will be able to refocus and get back on plan the next day. If you spend the rest of the week bemoaning that one (or two) bad day(s) you put your head in a negative space and negativity breeds a lack of motivation.

Keep yourself motivated by embracing the bumps in the road, riding them out, enjoying them and re-focusing.

You are human and you deserve a goddamn treat now and and again, we work too damn hard not to. The more time you spend telling yourself no or beating yourself up the less time you will spend being focused, motivated and inspired.

Basically, down with negativity and up with positivity. Celebrate the little, positive, things you do to better your journey, be that weight loss or some other endeavour. Be proud of yourself!

I am half a pound away from hitting 1 1/2 stone lost and I am so proud of myself, though I have recently had some hiccups I know that to tackle them I need to stay positive and stay proud!

How do you handle setbacks? Got any advice? I’d love to hear from you!

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