Review: The Saharan Palette by Juvia’s Place


I’ve been hearing so many good things about Juvia’s Place eyeshadows and I knew I needed to try one. So when Beauty Bay emailed to say that they were back in stock I jumped at it.

I decided to go for the Saharan palette. The colours in this one appealed to me more than the others and I’ve been looking for a warm palette for a while now, not fancying the splurge on the ABH Modern Renaissance just yet.

I did not know what buttery meant until I tried this eyeshadow palette. These eyeshadows are so damn pigmented, soft and blendable. They are a dream. An absolute dream.

This palette is user friendly and almost fool proof. You could create a number of looks quite easily with this palette and the size means it can travel with you too.

Here are a few swatches for you so you can get a gage of the pigmentation. Bare in mind this is a one finger swatch from the top left to the bottom right.


I have had no real problems with any of these shades the mattes are pigmented and blendable and the metallics pack a punch. You can use them with or without setting spray quite easily, spraying the brush only means you can pack more pigment on.

I did think Iman was going to be whiter than it is based on pictures online, it is more of a silver though. I don’t know how much I will use this shade as its not blinding enough for an inner corner highlight in my opinion. Though, I find this is true of most palettes.

Chad probably isn’t as black as I would like, it comes off a bit more navy blue on the lid. Would be perfect for adding that bit of depth to the outer corner but it isn’t a true black if thats what you need.

My favourite shade so far has to be Sokoto, its such a vibrant and gorgeous colour.

Here is a little look I created from the palette using Katsina in the crease followed by Sokoto and Jamila, then I used Lulu all over the lid and Senegal in the centre of the lid. I went under the eye with Sokoto and Jamilla and used my Sleek highlighter as my inner corner shade.


I am pretty much obsessed with this palette and I can’t wait to play around with it some more and see how many looks I can create with this.

Keep your eye out for this palette in my makeup looks in the future!

bee final1

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