The makeup library: Homegoing


I’ve spent a few weeks putting off this edition of The makeup library, only because I wanted to treat this book with so much respect. It deserves the best treatment. But finally here is my eye look inspired by Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing.

When I was trying to come up with a look inspired by this book it was a no brainer to me that I had to use my Juvia’s Place Saharan palette. So, firstly I went in to my crease with Katsina on a fluffy brush.


The I went in with the tiniest bit of Chad, also in the crease and also on a fluffy brush. You have to spend a little bit of time blending this out so its not so harsh. My attempt this time ended up looking a little crazy but I’ve done this before more successfully.

The_Saharan_palette_1024x1024 copy

Then, again in the crease, I took Jamila all over the back and up a little higher too. This create a warmer crease with a touch of orange to carry through to the rest of the look.

The_Saharan_palette_1024x1024 copy 2.jpg

Then I cut my crease using Tarte shape tape and a small flat brush. After finishing up with my concealer I ever so carefully went back in with Chad and Jamila to darken those colours up. I also brought Chad down to my outer corners and blended with the concealer edge there. Then I brought out the old faithful NYX Ultimate Brights palette and went in on the centre of my lid towards the outside with the second to last mustardy/yellow shade with a flat brush.

425-3004455-K214490_M copy 3

Again with that flat brush I went back to the Saharan palette and went in with Sokoto on the inner portion of the lid.

The_Saharan_palette_1024x1024 copy 3

Then I took Wodaabe on my finger and dabbed that over the yellow to add a bit of shimmer.

The_Saharan_palette_1024x1024 copy 4

Then I brought Sokoto and the yellow from the NYX palette down on to my lower lashline and went in with highlighter from the Sleek Solstice palette in my inner corners. I applied mascara and chucked on a winged liner and boom.


I wanted to keep this look classy, not too gimmicky. I really wanted to respect this book because I think everyone and anyone should read it. It really makes you think. Find my review here and watch out for a Juvia’s Place review in the week!

As always let me know what you think in the comments and let me know if you give this look a go!

bee final1

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