Barry M current favourites


I’m a strong believer in gel polish, but to save money I’ve recently been painting them myself. Barry M is an affordable UK nail varnish and makeup brand so I’ve ended up with quite the collection. 

I’m a neutrals and paleish/pastel tone kind of girl. I’ll sometimes wear a red or an orange but I’m generally more of a neutral gal when it comes to nails.

Firstly there is the Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Ballerina. This is a lovely dusty pink pink colour, really subtle and very trendy in the fashion world at the moment.

This next one goes out to all my Holosexuals out there. The Barry M Nail Paint in Diamond Glitter is a fairly good holo. It probably wouldn’t be pure enough for Cristine but its pretty good, though there are a few silver-only bits.

The Barry M Plumpy Hi-Shine Top Coat gives the nail a gel-look, it takes a while to fully try, being a bit squishy in the later stages but I like it as a top coat for a glossy look.

Next, the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Pink Lemonade makes my neutral heart so happy. This one would be perfect for a french mani or just looks lush all over the nail.

A bit on the darker side we have the Barry M Nail Paint in Vintage Violet. I find that this is a lovely mink/mauvish purple colour. Suitably muted but a lovely darker shade.

And finally, the best of the bunch the Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in the shade Pink Ice. This one is making every white girl dream come true, a lovely rose gold shine. Goes fab with my iPhone (insert crying laughing emoji).

So there is a quick run down of some of my nail varnish favourites at the moment. Great Summer colours that can make that transition in to the autumn too.

Should I do a run down of nail shades for every season? Let me know! 

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