Testing Youtuber makeup looks: ABH Subculture



Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! Today I decided, after all the controversy, to put the Subculture palette to the test by testing out some makeup looks I’ve seen work out well on youtube!

People all over the internet are at odds about this palette, if you like it you’re lying, if you hate it you’re lying. So as a fairly inexperienced makeup user I decided to put the palette to the test by recreating looks that Youtubers have created.

Brief disclaimer, these girls are talented AF. My skills nowhere near match theirs, so lets go in to this knowing that mine won’t turn out as good as theirs right off the bat. I also have a limited collection of brushes too.

Part of the beauty of this experiment though, is that I am a beginner. This will put the usability of the palette to the test.

So lets get on with it!

First off I tested a look by atleeeey, who I think was one of the first to review the palette. You can watch her video here.

The look she created was one of the main reasons I went ahead and bought the palette. Its stunning.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 17.22.47.png

She’s clearly a very talented lady because this look was difficult! After this blog post I can safely say that I find Axis and All Star the two hardest shades to work with. In the end I had to make 3 attempts at recreating this look because these two shades are a nightmare.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like this palette and I like these colours. They’re tricky to work with but when done right they are stunning. I’m not 100% happy with how this look turned out on me, but I 100% think thats down to my sub-par blending skills.


atleeeey’s instructions were really easy follow and this look was really pretty. Even though it wasn’t perfect on me I enjoyed wearing it. Its probably not a look I’ll recreate in a hurry. I can’t cope with the stress.

Then I tried out a look by Samantha Ravndahl, you can watch the video here, it’s the first look.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 18.45.06.png

The return of Axis! It took me two goes to get this look down. Now, Samantha puts on her looks a little bit backwards (compared to most) and she started with the dark shade and then went in to her crease. I struggled a bit to get this method to work for me.

Again, I struggled with this colour but I didn’t mind the look in general. I just wish I had been able to blend and move Axis around the way Samantha could. Its probably a brush issue.


Samantha managed to create a much softer and more blended look which looked lovely. Mine ended up a bit messy because of my brushes and because I’m generally crap at blending. I couldn’t quite get the shadow to smoke out to a wing.

The third look I tried was by the lovely Kathleen Lights. You can watch her video here.

I chose to recreate Kathleen’s look because it barely contained any green and I needed a break.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 18.58.46.png

I found this look easier than the previous two but I struggled in that every time I tried it I felt it came out too dark. Again probably my crap blending.

I was able to use Adorn for this look, which is probably my favourite of the metallic shades.

I still think the final result was a bit too dark but this might have been me compensating for my blending skills by adding more shadow.

21124846_10212216943953413_733364563_oI think the look I ended up with was more brown than the orangey peachy vibes you get from Kathleen’s version. Still a pleasant enough look. (Please ignore my eyebrows).

The final look I attempted is by Brianna Fogden, check out her video here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 19.04.59.png

This look was super easy to pull off. Unlike the other looks I did it in one go with no stress! I don’t know if that its because the look is simple but gorgeous or because I’ve used this damn palette that many times now.

I think mine looks more brown than orange but I’m not mad at it.


I would definitely wear this look again. It was simple, quick and beautiful. Nice work Brianna.

So the conclusion of my little experiment is that these shadows are usable but require practice. You can achieve all sorts of looks with them, you just have to be careful. Don’t be afraid to start again and give yourself plenty of time to play around.

I would absolutely wear Kathleen and Brianna’s looks again, they were simple and lovely. I probably won’t recreate atleeeey’s or Samantha’s but only because I find Axis difficult to work with.

Don’t be scared of this palette, it can work for you but invest time in to getting a few solid looks down if you do. And before you buy make sure you’re willing to spend time getting to know this palette. It’s like a skittish cat.

Another thing I have learned from this post is that I need a better source of lighting. I’m sorry about the quality of some of these photos.

Let me know if you’ve tried this palette and what looks you were able to create. Or have you tried any of these lovely Youtuber’s looks in the past? Can you recommend any to me?Β 

bee final1


7 thoughts on “Testing Youtuber makeup looks: ABH Subculture

      1. I always try those three looks from the booklets you get with too faced palettes and I always struggle!


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