A little bit bookish: Homegoing


The moment I heard about this book I knew I needed to read it. Did it live up to expectations? 

Everybody needs to read this book. Everybody. This book is so damn powerful its unreal. Yaa Gyasi weaves a tale that crosses generations and that will resound through generations to come.

This book is an absolute education. Two sisters that have never met and will never meet and how their circumstances effect the generations that follow them. One a slave traders wife, one a slave.

The novel follows Maame’s offspring as they live through African and American history. From the Gold Coast, to Mississippi, to Harlem. Giving a voice to generations that weren’t allowed one. Showing the pain and the struggle and culture of both African and African American societies.

Especially to an outsider of both cultures and nations this book opened my eyes, it showed in many cases that the grass isn’t always greener, especially in impossible situations.

This novel covers human issues ranging from slavery, to sexuality, abuse, exploitation, expectation, reputation, racism and revolution.

Not only is this book beautifully  and very cleverly written it is an eye opener. Well written and well researched, each point of view is carefully crafted and characterised. This novel doesn’t just show the atrocities of slavery as so many have in the past but it shows it for what it is today. An open wound that will never heal, that will never not have impact on current and future generations. As something that can never be forgotten.

This novel discuss the question of home. When whole races and nations are torn apart, dislodged from their homes to new places where they are only welcome as commodities, how do they find home when slavery is abolished? Will this new world ever feel right? Will Africa ever feel right again either?

The novel ends with a sense of uncomfortable confusion, the lasting effects of the slave trade in the modern world. A very relevant and sensitive issue even now in 2017.

If you do nothing else this year, read this book. A novel about how history shapes us all will in turn shape you.

Have you read Homegoing? What were your thoughts? 

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