Review: Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe metallic lip kit



So whilst out and about in town I saw these new lip kits by makeup revolution for only £6 in Superdrug and I knew I had to review one for you guys!

I wanted to try out one of their metallic lip kits as I’ve never gelled very well with the metallic lip trend. It never seems to work for me so I wanted to try this one on for size. I chose the colour We Rule which is a rose gold shade.

Each kit comes with a liquid lipstick and a lip pencil.

When swatched on the back of the hand both products are gorgeous and very pigmented.

However, I wasn’t blown away by these products on the lips.

The lip liner is crumbly, I’m already quite far down the nib and I only bought it today. Its so soft it just tends to break off. It also applies quite greasy and doesn’t really cling to the liquid lipstick the way a liner probably should.

The liquid lipstick itself I quickly discovered is not my colour at all! However, I think this shade could work well on deeper skin tones. Because it wasn’t working for me on its own I decided to try a few other applications.

First off I tried it as a lip topper on my NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade San Paulo. The result was underwhelming. The lipstick acts more like a gloss and remains quite sticky and greasy which results in strings of products between the lips when you open them.

So I attempted to use the liquid lipstick on top of a layer of the NYX Wonder Pencil in light to see if this had any affect. Aside from making the colour even lighter it didn’t help.

So for the sake of it I then tried it over a matte Smashbox be legendary lipstick in the shade Screen Queen, to see how it worked over a darker colour. Again, to me it just looked like a gloss and didn’t really add anything.

Left to right: 1. lip kit on its own 2. on top of nyx soft matte lip cream 3. on top of nyx wonder pencil 3. on top of smashbox screen queen.

In conclusion then guys, I still don’t like metallic lipsticks very much. These are no different. I would however be interested in trying one of their Makeup Revolution matte lip kits to see if they are any good because the pigmentation of this product was fine, it just didn’t work for me.

Have you tried the metallic lip kits? What do you think of this trend in general? Do you like my messy af lip photos? Let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe metallic lip kit

    1. Let me know how you get on! I’m super interested to see how the non-metallic ones work out. The only ones I’ve ever remotely got on with are the LimeCrime Perlees


      1. I shall do. I may write a post about it and give a nod to you. I’m a fan of Lime Crime’s lippies. I have a few of their matte ones and one of their metallics (the shade I have is a heck of a lot like Jeffree Star’s metallic liquid lippy in Pussy Whipped). xx

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    1. I think its a case of trail and error but I’ve not found one thats worked well enough for me to reach for all the time. I think I’ll stick to my mattes!


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