How to survive your first 6 weeks of Slimming World

Untitled-2.jpgI’m on week 6 of my Slimming World journey and I’m half a pound off having lost a stone (if only I’d nipped to the loo before getting weighed last week)! Reflecting on my experience so far I have prepared some survival tips for anyone starting off on their weight loss journey.

Having attempted both Slimming World and Weight Watchers in the past I can reflect on my progress this time around in comparison to where I went wrong in the past and its all about mindset.

Accepting its a lifestyle

An important thing I have found with succeeding on Slimming World is to view it as a positive lifestyle choice. If you approach it with a positive attitude instead of seeing it as unfair and restricting you’ll absolutely smash it.

Get excited!

Use the plan to discover new food and recipies you wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Before joining SW I had cereal and milk every single morning for breakfast. I still do on weeks days but now I have discovered Syn free guacamole I have a piece of wholemeal toast, my guac and two poached eggs for breakfast on the weekends and I love it! Its the simple things that count! If you approach the plan with excitement to try new things and make big changes I promise it will work.

Nothing is off limits

If you want a KFC, get yourself a KFC. If you tell yourself you can’t have certain foods you’re only going to slip up and eat them anyway. If you’re craving food you can get from the comfort of your car research the menu and find syn-friendly options and make that your usual. As long as you accommodate for this for the rest of the day you’ll be fine. At KFC I’ll have an original rice box for 10.5 syns and at McDonalds 6 chicken nuggets are 8 syns. You can even have a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks with soy milk for 8 syns (8.5 with skimmed milk)!

Buy HiFi bars! 

#notsponsered but if you’re a chocoholic like me HiFi Lite bars will be your saving grace. I stock up on the mint, orange and rocky road ones in group and store them in my draw in work. This way I’m not trying to save all of my syns for one poxy chocolate bar.

Don’t beat yourself up

If you have a bad week roll with it. Figure out what you did wrong and get back on plan straight away. If you couldn’t resist the call of Pizza Hut, adjust what you eat for a few days afterwards to accommodate for the syns you used for that delicious cheesy goodness. If you’ve had a gain on the scales don’t let it get you down let it motivate you! Remember how good you feel when you get a good loss and strive to achieve that feeling next week.

Be honest with yourself

A major downfall for dieters is not being honest with ourselves. Make sure you are aware of every syn you’re enjoying. If you know what you have left to work with you’re less likely to have a handful of crisps or a sneaky lump of cheese. Count everything!

The need for speed

Speed foods are no joke. You get a much better weight loss when you’ve added lots of speed foods to your diet. If you don’t like veg, eat fruit with a yogurt, at lunch, as a snack as a desert. If you find it hard to eat fruit try to incorporate more veggies in to your evening and lunchtime meals.

Body positivity 

Most importantly! Love yourself for who you are now, always. Yes you have a vision of what you want to look like but you won’t be able to achieve that and be happy if you don’t accept yourself now too. Celebrate every loss no matter how small and try to love your body for what it is, that way your journey will be easier and more enjoyable.

Here is a sneak peak of my progress so far:


The first image is me in June this year and the second is me at my friends wedding on 9th August. I’m delighted with my progress so far and I had to get that dress taken in twice! Not a bad problem to have!

I’ll check back in with you guys when I’ve lost my next stone! If you ever need any advice or company on your SW journey I’m here! 

bee final1

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