The makeup library: The Girls


Following my review of The Girls by Emma Cline, I dug in to my makeup collection to come up with a look inspired by the books gorgeous cover and sticky summer vibes. You can read my review here.  

So wanting to take my Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills for a spin, after priming my eyelids with Smashbox Photo Finish primer, I took Dawn on a fluffy brush all over the lid. I then went in with New Wave, also on a fluffy brush in to the crease. I then went over that with Roxy, then took a clean fluffy brush to blend. Remember to blend really lightly with this palette as the colour can shift on the lid.


Then, so I could really pack on colour without risk to any delicate shadows I switched to the trusty NYX Ultimate Brights palette and went in all over the lid with the lightest yellow shade with a flat packed brush, almost creating a cut crease.

425-3004455-K214490_M copy 2

Then, once that was packed on (don’t be scared to go back in with the first yellow at any stage to brighten the colour on the lid) I used the darker yellow on the middle to outer portion of the lid, dabbing it on with a fluffy brush.

425-3004455-K214490_M copy 3

The back to Subculture I took All Star, with a fluffy brush (if you know me by now you totally know that this is the same brush I’ve been using all the way through) and dabbed it on the very outer portion of the eye and up in to the crease, blending gently.

ABHSC-920x690 copy

Then on the bottom lash line I took the blue matte shade from the NYX Brights palette on the tip of a flat packed brush and blended it out with the shimmery yellow-green colour.

425-3004455-K214490_M copy 4I then went in with All Star from the Subculture palette again on a thin liner brush in the waterline, and with the same liner brush I took the blue from the NYX palette again and reinforced that colour on the bottom lash line.

I added the yellow-y highlight shade from the Sleek solstice palette as my inner corner and brow bone highlight. I also used the Stilia Magnificent Metals liquid eyeshadow in Gold Goddess as liner.



I hope you like this look! Let me know in the comments! 

bee final1

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