Syn free guacamole: recipe review


As a typical example of my generation, I enjoy avocado and do not own a house. However, much to the despair of many millennials, on Slimming World a single avocado is worth a whopping 14 syns. And considering most of us only get 15 syns per day, its often just not worth it. 

This week I wanted to try the Slimming world nacho-style wedges after being told about them in group. The recipe included syn free chilli, slimming word chips and cream cheese as a HexA. Having already used my HexA for my breakfast and having had a Starbucks after work I didn’t have the syns to waste on cheese and my favourite part about nachos is guac anyway!

So, I took to the internet in the hopes of finding a way of getting that sweet sweet guacamole without using syns on avocado. Boy did I strike gold!

I came upon this recipe by Slimming Eats for pea guacamole.  At first I was unsure, not being a huge fan of peas, but I decided to try it out anyway.

Included in the recipe was: frozen peas, jalapenos, red onion, tomato, lime juice, corriander and garlic.

In Siobhan’s recipe she used cream cheese, making the guacamole 4 syns. I substituted this for quark to make it syn free!

I had it along side my nacho style wedges and with chicken and homemade salsa for a Mexican style dinner. I can’t get enough of it. It is super quick and easy to make.

In the picture above I had it on toast, a piece of wholemeal bread as my HexB, with a poached egg. A lovely syn free breakfast!

My only piece of advice would be to go easy on the chillies or you risk over powering the rest of the flavours, especially if you use jalapenos from a jar.

Be sure to check out the full recipe on Slimming Eats and let me know if you plan on trying this syn free pea guacamole out for size!

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