Confessions of a Binge Watcher: hayu. review


As a binge watcher streaming sites are incredibly important to me. I’m a Netflix girl through and through. One fatal flaw with the streaming giant is whilst there are plenty of trashy lifetime-esque movies on there that I love to watch when I can sleep, it just doesn’t feed my reality tv addiction. When I discovered hayu. I was beyond excited.

Confession time. I am obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Obsessed. So, when I found out I could keep up (heh) with the show’s US air dates via hayu. I was super excited. For £3.99 a month it was worth it to me just for that. An added bonus is all the other wonderful trash tv hayu. has to offer. I do wish they had America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway on there too because they are some of my binge favs! (Tyra and Heidi must be feeling stingy.) But the mix of American shows like Ice loves Coco and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and British reality shows like Made in Chelsea makes it a good investment. Maybe when they get bigger they’ll grab the rights to Geordie and Jersey Shore.

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Technically though the site has some really annoying issues it needs to work out, and some things just think it needs to add. First off unlike Netflix it doesn’t keep you signed in. You have to sign in every time you visit the site and it often times you out whilst your watching or if you leave it open for a while, this can be super annoying when your trying to binge or even if you pause your show to go to the loo and have to sign back in afterwards. Another annoying thing is that sometimes it “forgets” that you’ve watched an episode before so it can be confusing if you want to pick up where you left off but can’t remember what episode you last watched. Another thing is that it requires you to enter a pin whenever you want to watch a video. I’m not sure whether or not you can turn it off I haven’t checked. I’m hopeful that these little bugs will be sorted out as the site grows and develops, at least just keep me signed on! I feel like that’s not too much to ask these days.

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A couple of things that would be nice to see on the site are recommendations based on what you’ve watched, at the moment they’re kind of just based on what the site wants to promote and not what you actually want to see. Also a continue watching section that actually remembers what you have and haven’t watched would be nice so you don’t have to search for your show all the time, because the one they have now is not up to date. Actual categories to browse like on Netflix would be nice too, at the moment you kind of have to scroll A-Z for a show you might like. hayu. also has some news-like features that I haven’t really explored all that well but I don’t think the site needs them, I doubt anyone really reads them and I think the should just be focusing on getting new video content (and new shows!).

Overall I think the site is a great concept and a fantastic price. I hope in the future it grows and just gets so much better, it really does have the scope to be amazing.

tumblr_o2b15nWyqb1tknn62o1_400 E! online/ via

Do you have a hayu. subscription? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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