Basic Beauty: Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail


I’m a broke ass bitch so “basic beauty” is all about the drug store and supermarket make up I try and review. Today its the turn of Maybelline’s “Forever Strong Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour” in number 130 Rose Poudré and top coat “Super Stay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat.”

I got them both on offer in ASDA for £7 for the two, you also get a decent amount of polish for your money. Both are 10 ml.

First off I love the colour. I went for a pinky nude because I wanted something classy and not too in-your-face. I would describe is as a darker pink nude, bordering on mauve. It did take about four coats of the colour for me to be happy with the coverage but with a nude I expect that. It took a little while to dry, not ages, but for me a little too long because I’m clumsy and I always mess up nails if I’m waiting for them to dry for too long. I ususally go for polishes that are fast drying. This one isn’t advertised as such so I’ll forgive it. The brush is thick and flat, I love brushes like this as they do get the whole nail in one swipe and the polish does go on easily.

I confess I got a little bored of waiting for the polish to dry completely before putting the top coat on. The brush on the top coat is curved which is great!  The top coat its self is really like a gel in consistency, nice and thick, so this curve gets it on neatly and quickly. It also dries super fast! Definitely in love with this top coat.

This is what my nails looked like straight after application:


After 7 days:


I’m really happy with the durability of this polish, especially the top coat. Even gel nails fail to last 7 days on me and though there is a little bit of chipping I could happily keep this on for a few more days. As you can see the polish has suffered some wear but that has only been in the last day or so, mainly on the tips and around the sides (just due to nail growth). I have reapplied the top coat once this week, as instructed, due to some lifting.

I would highly recommend this polish to everybody! But especially people like me who can’t stand chipping! Both the top coat and coloured polish are really durable. I’m impressed!

Do you have a favourite gel nail polish?

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