Confessions of a Binge Watcher: American Horror Story – Hotel


I love American Horror Story, nothing new there. After my disappointment with season 4, here’s what I thought of season 5.

Last year, whilst I was Editor, I wrote an article for my uni newspaper expressing my annoyance and honest-to-god heart break over how much I hated season 4 of AHS. Freakshow was honestly terrible. The plot was dull, the characters were dull, the whole thing was just dull. But! I struggled through and came out the other side, full of not-yet-lost hope for season 5; Hotel.

In season 5 the writers well and truly came back with a ‘Surprise Bitch!’ It. Was. Horrible. In the best way! I loved it; American Horror is back baby!

The series left the slump of Jupiter Florida well behind it and was restored to its shining, bloody, glory in the Hotel Cortez. Hotel is gruesome, by far the worst season yet in terms of horror. Full of glamour, sass, and gore this season was shocking.

The cast of AHS are what make it, the shows fans will all agree. And, we all have our favourites. Evan Peters is on full form this season as Serial Killer Gatsby, Mr James March. As always you want to hate Peters’ characters but you just can’t! Ever! It’s not allowed. Lily Raby came back briefly this season as the ghost of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, just to remind us all how fantastic she is at her job. As well as Angela Basset, in my opinion the Queen of AHS, who slays it every time no questions asked. Though, she had heavy competition for my heart this season, going by the name, GaGa. The Golden Globe winning performance was just that. It was only a role Lady GaGa could pull off, I couldn’t imagine Elizabeth as anyone else. An amazing character and an amazing performance. In the past performances by Sarah Paulson and Denis O’Hare have bored me to tears, never mention the names Lana, Bette, Dott, Larry or Stanley to me. But I’ll scream Sally and Liz from the rooftops myself! They were amazing characters, fully showing what those actors can really do! Plus O’Hare looks stunning in green eyeshadow.

Warning! Unpopular opinion time! Maybe, just maybe, long-time front runner Jessica Lange needed to step back for AHS to get a new lease of life. There I said it! Just look at the evidence, who here hated Fiona and Elsa Mars? And thank god I didn’t have to look at Emma Roberts this season.

However much I’ve enjoyed this season I do have some critiques. The season borrowed a little too much from its predecessor Murder House in its ‘those who die here come back as ghosts’ motif, which if relied on again in future series’ could get boring, the writers have to watch out for that one. Perhaps the similarities from Murder House are the whole point, with each season we see little links between the seasons and Hotel is definitely linked to Murder House, just like Freakshow and Asylum. The ancient virus (Vampires) came off a little bit samey at first, due to the influx we’ve had in pop culture of late, but it all tied together as the season progressed. There are probably holes in the season that nit-picky fans would pick up on but I’ve never been skeptical enough to look for them so for now I’ve said my piece.

If you haven’t watched Hotel yet, do it. If only for the line “cheekbones for days”, you’ll understand when you watch it.

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