10 Ways You Know You’re Living with Crazy Animal People


We all know someone who is insane about animals; the people that squeal when they see a dog in a pub or chase after cats in the street or bring home newts from their science labs… oh wait that one was a little specific.

I recently moved in with some good friends of mine for my Masters year at University and they are King and Queen of the Crazy Animal People. Here’s a quick list I drummed up so that you’re not left in a state of shock if you find yourself in the same situation. So here’s 10 ways you know you live with crazy animal people:

You didn’t even know a dog could be on a raw diet. Your first thought was that surely dogs can’t be vegans?

You live with a creature who looks part Pokemon and part sponge:


You have no idea how they manage to keep a dog when you can’t even manage to feed yourself three meals a day.

You’ve over heard evil plans for the development of a Pug Army that they plan on using to take over the world


They have first world problems that include: Do I bring home a corn snake or do we have too many pets?

The answer to that one is: no there is no such thing as too many pets.

Their dog has his own Instagram account: @sullythespaniel


And that puppy is the snuggliest thing on this planet. So many cuddles!

You know if you stay friends you’ll never need to pay to go to the zoo ever again, just pop round to theirs for a visit.

You never come home to an empty house and you always get a warm welcome home from your favourite housemate.


Ultimately though you know you live with the best kind of people because they care about other living creatures and these days that’s a nice trait to have in a friend.

bee final1

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