The power of three set me free


Recently I’ve been re-watching Aaron Spellings 90s classic Charmed (thank you Netflix!). And I want to tell you why this show is so important to me for a number of reasons. I first got into the show in my mid-teens, it was always on e4 and it just became a good after-school-watch. But it started to mean more to me than just that.

First and foremost its a show about three kick-ass women with kick-ass powers how can you not love it! I can’t even get enough of the cheesy dialogue and 90s fashion faux pas (don’t even get me started on the 00s episodes…). In all seriousness though I discovered this show in my pre-feminism days and though I didn’t realise it then it embodies all I value and respect in my own sex. The charmed ones are independent, strong, sexual and most importantly FLAWED. They make mistakes, they have bad days just like everyone else. The girls value family as well as their careers and quite frankly smash the age old question of “How can women have it all?” Just ask the Power of Three!

I was always interested in the supernatural (not the scary kind) and some of my biggest literary lusts are fantasy novels and for me Charmed was one of the first mediums I found for kick-ass women in fantasy. I have since discovered the fantastic book series by Kelley Armstrong ‘Women of the Otherworld’, sometimes just called the Otherworld series, which starts off with ‘Bitten’ a story about Elena the only existing female werewolf. Coincidentally ‘Bitten’ is now also a TV series staring Laura Vandervoort, its a good watch! Another, naturally,ย  is everybody’s favourite Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire, whether you prefer the books or the show) which has more badass women than I can count.

In a way the show showed teenage me that its okay to be a little weird you just have to own it. A lesson I maybe didn’t grasp until later on but I do ultimately believe my obsession with Charmed helped me in the long run. Even if I did think I was a witch for a while. What? You haven’t? Pfft.

On that note if you (like me) would enjoy pretending to be a witch then check out empty casket jewellery. Super cute jewellery that has a witchy vibe, they’re a great company with super fast delivery.

Hear now the words of the witches. The secrets we hid in the night.
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