Building my Z Palette: Episode 2


So I decided it was time to update my Z Palette again, and as promised I’m bringing you guys along for the ride. 

The three new colours I chose are Cherry Cola and Sin City by Makeup Geek and Malibu by Colored Raine. I ordered all three from Beauty Bay and they arrived pretty damn quickly.

I chose Cherry Cola because I hoped it would pair well with Bitten but add more depth to a look. I chose Sin City because I’m really in to mustard yellow to gold tones recently, and Malibu was just too gorgeous to pass up. With this one I was looking for a contrast colour.


So the first two swatches are Cupcake and Bitten from Makeup Geek. Then we have Cherry Cola, Sin City and Malibu.

My initial thoughts when swatching was that Sin City wasn’t giving me the colour pay off I wanted. It is definitely more of a gold than a yellow. Still pretty but not really what I was after.

Malibu however, blew me away!

So to test out these shadows I created the look below. I wanted to create and blue to yellow fade thinking that Malibu and Sin City would be a good contrast with each other.


So I initially I went in to the crease with Cuppa Tea from the Soph X MakeupRevolution palette. I blew this out up towards the brow bone. I then went in with Cupcake which I blended towards the crease where I concentrated Bitten.

I then used Penguin from the Soph X palette to block out the lid. I then used Malibu over the lid from the inner corner to the middle. I then attempted to fade in Sin City. The colour wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do though.

The only colour I had in my collection that could achieve what I was after was New Wave from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. I dabbed this on the outer portion of the lid oh so carefully with a detail brush.

I then use an angled detail brush to go in on the outer corner with Cherry Cola. I didn’t feel like I got much pay off from this colour on the lid either. I think when used with Bitten the colours might just be too similar.

I took my crease brush on outside of the lower lashline, then used Malibu on the inner portion. In the middle I went in with Sin City.

I used a the Sleek Solstice palette for my inner corner highlight.

I lined my lids and added some mascara and bobs your uncle!

In conclusion I completely loved Malibu. I am definitely looking to try some more Colored Raine shadows. I love the matte shades from MUG but I am yet to be wowed by their shimmers. Though, I’m open to trying another one.

Lets see where my Z Palette journey takes me next ey? Ciao!

Monthly Slimming World Favourites: January 2018


I’m going to start regrouping via the blog at the end of every month to look back on what got me through the month, and maybe where I need to improve. So here is a little count down of what helped me survive the dreaded January!


1. Aero Bubble Chocolate Mousse


At 4.5 syns these are my go to after dinner snack. The pots are quite big so they feel like a proper dessert. These have been a favourite for a while but I can’t say the didn’t help in January.

2. Muller Light Fruitopolis 


This month I discovered these babies! At 1/2 a syn they’re a perfect snack during the working day. The strawberry ones are my particular favourite. They’re also good at the end of the day when you only have a few syns left and you’re dying for a snack.

3.  Cadbury’s Curlywurly

Curly Wurly

This is an old SW classic go-to. Who can turn down a 6 syn chocolate fix? Not me. I’ve been having them in work instead of hifi bars recently, just for a change.

4. KFC Original Ricebox


Now don’t look at me like that. We all need a drive thru treat from time to time. If you dont want to blow half a weeks worth of syns in one meal the original chicken rice box from KFC is 10.5 syns and the zinger version is 11 syns. All within a daily allowance. You can thank me later.

5. Pancakes


At the weekends I like to spice life up a little bit with interesting breakfasts. Pea guac on toast is one and a more recent treat is pancakes! 40g porridge oats (HexB), 3 tbs fat free natural yogurt, 2 eggs, sweetener and some vanilla essence. I either have them with bacon and maple syrup (2 syns per tbs) or I have blueberry pancakes with fruit and fat free natural yogurt (2 syns for 100g of cooked blueberries). Delish!

So January has been a bit of a hit or miss month for me. I wanted to progress in my weight loss a lot more than I actually did. That being said I didn’t gain this month, I’ve only either lost or maintained. Overall this month I’ve managed to shift 4lb of my Christmas weight and I’ve set myself the goal of getting another 4 off before Valentines.

What have you been loving this month? And what should I try out in February!?


Palette Roulette: Soph X MakeupRevolution palette

Howdy gang! Today I wanted to do something a bit fun! So I decided to put the Soph X MakeupRevolution palette to the test once again and play a little game of palette roulette!

Now first things first, I didn’t invent palette roulette. Some lovely person on youtube did but I currently cant remember who. If you know shout them out and I’ll give them credit where its due.

So, to play the game you add the number of shadows in the palette into a random number generator and then, randomly generate a number. Go figure. Keep going until you have enough shades to create a whole look and then challenge yourself to use those shades to create a unqiue, random, eyeshadow look. Simple!

I decided to create three looks using five randomly selected shades from my trusty Soph X palette.

Look 1:


The numbers I was give were: 8, 14, 4, 3 and 1. Which are: Sparks Fly (a gold shimmer), Pumpkin (orangey/red/pink matte), Pink Champagne (light pink shimmer), Fairy Lights (white/gold shimmer) and Penguin (white matte).

So first for this look I took Pumpkin on a fluffy crease brush and blended it in to my crease blowing it outwards towards my brow as I went. It felt really unnatural to go in with a bold crease colour straight away but it was one of the only matte shades I had to work with.

After building up that colour I took Pink Champagne on a wet flat brush and packed it all over my lid. This shade is harder to build, but I think thats just because of how light it is.

I really wanted a colour to add a bit of dimension to this look like a dark brown or black but I had nothing like that. So, to attempt to add some dimension I used Sparks Fly on the outer corner of my lid, creating a short of ombre, I guess.

All the while I kept going back in to build up that Pumpkin colour, especially concentrating in the actual crease line.

Under the lid I brought some of that Pumpkin shade down and blew it out around the outer corner. I then lined the inner portion of my lower lid with Penguin, fading in to Sparks Fly in the outer corner.

I used Fairy Lights as my inner corner highlight. I then added liquid eyeliner and mascara.

Look 2:


The numbers I got were: 12, 11, 5, 14 and 19. Which are: Peaches (peachy matte), Tiramisu (warm light brown matte), Iced Coffee (nude matte), Pumpkin and Strawberry Sweets (a muted fuchsia pink matte).

Am I the only one that doesn’t get along with all-matte eyeshadow looks? The feel so flat! Needless to say I wasn’t all that excited about this one (and yes I did cheat and use a highlighter for my inner corner, sssh).

So Iced Coffee is actually my go-to transition shade so right away I slapped that baby on with a fluffy brush. I then blew out Peaches and Tiramisu in my crease.

I packed Strawberry Sweets all over my lid with a flat brush and then went back in with Tiramisu to attempt to build some depth in the outer corner (it didn’t work).

I then used Pumpkin on my lower lash line and blended it out with those crease colours. And then, I chucked on some liquid eyeliner to make myself feel better.

Look 3:


I drew: 18, 6, 3, 13 and 10. These were: Danger (like a brick red/brown matte), Cuppa Tea (yellow-y brown matte), Fairy Lights, Cloudberry (a peachy orange with sparkles) and Mixed Berries (purple shimmer).

So first I built up Cuppa Tea in the crease with a fluffy brush. I loved the way this translated as a kind of mustard yellow-ish colour. I blew this colour out up to my brow and then used Cloudberry in the line of the crease. I then used Danger on the outer corner.

To get the most out of Mixed Berries, I cut the crease with some concealer before applying the shade with a wet brush, packing it on to the lid. I then went in with Danger again to darken that outer corner.

I went under the eye with Cloud Berry and Danger. I liked the inner portion of my lash line with Mixed Berries.

Once again, I used Fairy Lights as my inner corner highlight. I decided not to use liquid eyeliner for this look but I think you could easily add it in.

So, what did you think! I’m pretty impressed with what I came up with for each look. 1 and 3 are my definite favourites and I was less keen on number 2.

My problem in most of the looks was having a shade to add depth and dimension, and the game reminded me that I’m not a huge lover of all matte looks.

What did you think of the looks? What would you of done differently? Let me know in the comments!


Slimming World update: Riding the wave


Hey gang, time for a cheeky SW update. It’s been a while since I let you know whats happening. 

So, in October I hit my club 10! Aaaand its been a bit wobbly since then. I’ve had a busy few months: my mums 50th birthday seemed to last two months, I had friends birthdays, Halloween, my birthday then the lead up to Christmas etc.

See, this is where I think people tend to give up. If you have weeks and weeks of things not going quite right you think “ah sod it” or “I’ll just start again in January”, but the thing I learned from having a few wobbly months is that you’ve just got to ride the wave!

We’ve all seen that graphic in group, the map of the UK with the two routes. Ones a direct route and ones the scenic route. We’re just having a little detour.

The important thing to remember about SW or WW is that its not a quick fix, its not a fad diet.  Its a lifestyle change. Its forever. So, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter if you have a little wobble (or a three month long one).

If you keep going to group every week it gives you a healthy dose of realism once a week. Even if your brain isn’t in it at the moment and you just can’t get back on plan, keep going. I guarantee staying to group even when you seem to be gaining or maintaining will mean you gain less than you would if you lived in blissful ignorance.

Overall, despite my heart not really being in it for a few months I’ve managed to minimise my overall gain to about 6lb, that includes my Christmas weight and a weekend in Berlin. I would bet everything I own that if I had stopped going to group that would of been so much higher.

And though group can sometimes feel a bit like Cake Lovers Anonymous its so worth it to just touch base with your consultant (and the scales) once a week.

You can’t force yourself to be on plan, because you’ll end up spiraling out. But if you get to group every week, tell yourself you’re still on your weight loss journey I promise you’ll get back to that place of feeling amazing about being on plan and really enjoying it.

My club 10 weight was 15st 1lb and after Christmas I weighed 15st 7. This week I managed lose 3lb so I’m now well on my way to being back at my club 10 and back under that stone and half mark!

I’m feeling super positive about being on plan now that I’ve ridden that wave and gotten the party season out of my system. I’ve told myself by this time next year I want to be around 13st 3lb (which will give me my 3 and a half stone award) and I know thats more than achievable!

What are your SW goals for 2018?

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Review: Urban Decay Moondust palette


Im baaaaaack! Did you miss me? I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while, December was a hectic month. I got the Urban Decay Moondust palette for Christmas and with glitter palettes exploding everywhere in the makeup market recently I decided to review it for you guys!

I must admit I was reluctant to invest in a full-glitter palette, I like to be able to create a full look in one palette, which you need a few mattes to do. However, glitter is a special occasion kind of thing, I think we can forgive it.

Another reason for my reluctance was that I was sceptical. I am an avid user of Stila’s Liquid Magnificent Metals shadows, so I was worried that the pigmentation and glitter pay-off wouldn’t be as good.

The palette contains a good range of colours, you have your warm and coppery tones and your cooler blues and greens, as well as some darker glitter shadows for those smokey night time looks. I think the palette could do with a lighter highlight colour however.

Naturally, the first thing I did was swatch them:


Initially Lightyear, Lithium and Galaxy were the standout shades for me and I worried a little bit about how Specter, Element and Magnetic would perform.

I then tried out the shades on my eyes, watching them with a flat brush and with my fingers. I found the the pigmentation was initially better using my fingers, however with a bit of building the same result can be achieved with a brush. I personally don’t mind taking the time to build up a shade with a brush in favour of neater application, but using your fingers is always a viable option.

On the eyes I found that the majority of shades worked really well, I was impressed. I still think that Specter and Element are the weakest shades in the palette but I was pleasantly surprised by Magnetic.

As a further, more thorough test I decided to create two eye looks with a simple smokey crease:



For the left eye I used Lithium all over the lid with Element near the outer corner and Specter in the inner corner. I found that though I was impress with how Lithium applied on its own, with the smokey matte colours I used in the crease it looked muddy and it wasn’t easy to apply the other shades over the top.

For the right eye I used Lightyear, Galaxy and Vega, which I found applied effectively and easily.

I think a more thought out look for Lithium would work absolutely fine.

Overall I am impressed with this palette, and it has me reconsidering my opinion of glitter palettes, though I don’t think I’ll need to buy another one.

If you are in the market for a full-glitter palette then I don’t you can go too far wrong with the Moodust palette.

Have any of you tried this palette? Let me know how you found it? 

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Review: Primark 60p Single Eyeshadows


Inspired by a few videos floating around on youtube I was dying to dry out the 60p single shadows from Primark. After hunting high and low for them I finally got my hands on some. Find out what I thought:

A word of warning, I think you might have to go to bigger stores to get these shadows. I didn’t find any in Chester or in Broughton Primarks when I looked and I had to send my mum to the Liverpool one to get my paws on them.

The shade range was limited, and if you know Primark you know they won’t have been neatly displayed like makeup in a drug store or department store. I can’t confirm this as a fact though, you’ll have to ask my mum.

Finally via the wonders of modern technology I was remotely able to pick 9 shades plus the little magnetic palette to store them in.

I was disappointed not to be able to have the black shadow, only because I love to judge a makeup brand by the quality of their black shadows. Such is life.

I was able to get a range of brown shades, dark shades, a couple of bronze-y shades and a few quite interesting colours.

Here are some swatches that I have kindly labelled for you:


Immediately the stand out colours for me were Cranberry, Seafoam, Pistachio, Antique Bronze and Sunkissed. Especially Pistachio.

From the swatches the colours I wasn’t all that impressed with were mainly Hot Coco and Stone. Hot Coco I think will be usable but with the right look and I don’t tend to go for brown-y looks. As for Stone, one it doesn’t show up on my pasty-ass skin and two I know I always struggle to use these light/beige kinds of colours.

I wasn’t able to find a good crease colour, which means this little makeshift palette wouldn’t be considered a one-stop solution but I think I have a good range here to make a few looks.

One thing that may bother some people is that most of the singles seemed to be shimmers. Out of the 9 I have 6 are shimmers and 3 are mattes. Not all shimmers are made equal and I would probably be more tempted to call some of them satins rather than shimmers. Cranberry, Hot Coco and Antique Bronze appear to be less glittery than Stone, Sunkissed and Gold Digger.

Wanting to put these babies to the test I created a little look using Antique Bronze, Cranberry and Espresso in the crease with Sunkissed and Gold Digger on the lid. On the lower lashline I used Seafoam:



(I used the Soph X makeup revolution palette for my initial crease colour and the Sleek Solstice palette for the inner corner highlight, let me know if you want a full tutorial).

A few youtubers complained about the fall out from these shadows and though the shadows are very very soft and can cause a bit of kick up in the pan I didn’t find that there was all that much fallout on my face. I was impressed with the pigmentation of these shadows, especially considering the price. I only needed to lightly dip in to the shadow to get a good colour pay off. The shadows were buildable, blendable and easy to work with.

I honestly can’t complain about these shadows, they exceeded my expectations and for the price you absolutely can’t go wrong. Limited colour selection and the expected stress levels upon entering a Primark are really the only down sides here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a look using Pistachio and let me know if you give these shadows a try! They’re 60p so why the hell not?!

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Building my Z Palette: Episode 1



Long time no see! Sorry I’ve been MIA gang, I have a valid excuse! It’s been my birthday! The big 24. And to get back in to blogging I want to introduce a new series. 

I have always wanted to build my own Z Palette up so I thought I’d bring you guys along on the journey. Every time I update the palette I’ll do a post including a look from the colours in the palette.

To kick things off I ordered two single shadows from Makeup Geek. I have Cupcake and Bitten.


It was summer when I bought these shades so I was in the mood for something pink and warm, though I think these shades translate well to winter too.

So for this look I combined these two shades with two other eyeshadow palettes, the Soph X Makeup Revolution palette and the NYX Cosmic Metals palette.

First off I took a fluffy brush and went in with Iced Coffee from the Soph X palette. This shade is my absolute perfect transition shade.


Then I took Cupcake on the same brush in to the crease, building it up to a nice smooth colour and blowing it out towards the brow. Then I took Bitten and blended that in to the crease and outer corner, making sure to keep this shade closer to the crease. Build that up until you have a colour you’re happy with and don’t be afraid to go in with more colour.

After that I wanted to deepen that outer corner and the outer portion of the crease so I went in with Danger from the Soph X palette.

spohhhhh copy.jpg

I then used Nightmare from the Soph X palette as my black shade in the outer corner, blended slightly into the crease.

spohhhhh copy 2

Then I cut my crease using tarte Shape Tape. I then took a flat brush and applied the pinky shade from the NYX Cosmic Metals palette all over the lid.


I blended this in towards the outer corner by going back in with Bitten from my Z Palette and Nightmare from the Soph X Palette. After cleaning up the edge a little with some concealer and adding some liquid eyeliner, I went in with Cupcake, Bitten and Nightmare on the lower lashline. Leaving space towards the inner corner where I added the NYX shade again.

After lining my water line and tight line I went in with my trusty Sleek Solstice highlight in the inner corners. Add mascara and lashes at will.


The final look:



I’m excited to build my Z Palette, I want it to be a mix of single shades from different brands. I would love to get some of the Juvia’s place shadows and some more MUG ones too. I also fancy some of the Colored Raine shadows.

What do you think of this look? What would you do with Cupcake and Bitten if it was up to you? Let me know!

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